Project Geelong West

Styled to perfection.

This home was beautifully styled for market and finished off with LK custom window furnishings.

Opaque sheers complemented the home’s soft colour palette to achieve a refreshingly modern look.

Chic rural farmhouse.

We are so proud of this project. Located in the picturesque rolling hills of Ceres, this farmhouse now boasts a truly glamorous bathing space.

Polished brass, patterned tiling and LK’s glossy black shutters elevate this once Plain Jane bathroom.

A hunting lodge aesthetic.

Our clients wanted to reflect their love for the Canadian lodge and integrate treasures from their travels into their new home.

LK designer Cherie embraced the hunter lodge aesthetic, integrating their collection of old leathers, artisan rugs, and skis to create a truly captivating space.

Beautiful Morris & Co. fabrics and handcrafted trimmings completed this stunning project.